Tree Services


Do your trees suffer from yellowing leaves, bug infestations or bare branches? Over the years, we’ve diagnosed and treated 1000’s of trees. Whatever the case, we will put your trees back on a healthy course.

Tree Pruning

The value of trees can’t be understated. They beautify your property and shade your house in the summer. Maintaining their health through periodic pruning is essential. When they need a haircut, we have you covered.

Tree Removal

We love trees and will consider every solution before recommending removal. However, when a tree becomes an overwhelming threat to your property, intervention is needed.

Tree Treatments

Diagnosing a struggling tree is only the first step in bringing it back to full health. At Arbor Pros, we provide the latest in safe and effective tree treatments in the Reno Area.

Hazard Mitigation

Removing problematic trees before they become an issue is an essential step in any hazard mitigation operation. Preventative action is crucial in providing long term safety in most scenarios.

Utility Vegetation Management

We specialize in utility vegetation management, ensuring safe and efficient clearance around power lines and utility infrastructure, and we are committed to providing top-notch service in every aspect of our work.

Upfront, honest.

That’s how we operate Arbor Pros. Our relationship with you starts with a free on-site estimate. The bid amount we provide is our contract with you. Whether the job takes two days or two weeks to complete is irrelevant, the final cost will never budge.