Why is pruning important?

Pruning is the most common tree service. Trees in residential and urban areas require significant attention to maintain their aesthetics and structural integrity. Reducing the risk trees pose towards your landscape and structures through regular professional pruning is a cost-effective and smart decision. Proper pruning can accomplish a variety of goals including:

  • Removing dead branches and material.
  • Increase air circulation around the crown of the tree to improve wind resistance.
  • Increase light penetration through the crown of the tree to provide more light for surrounding landscape areas.
  • Improve structural form and aesthetics.

Trees provide shade, protect your property from wind and improve the overall aesthetics of your landscape. Keeping them healthy with periodic pruning is always a wise investment that returns more value in the long run.

Why hire Arbor Pros?

As ISA certified arborists, our pruning techniques guided by a deep understanding of tree biology. Trees are living breathing organisms and require proper care to ensure their long-term vitality. Improper pruning techniques will significantly compromise the health and aesthetics of tree. A single lousy cut can alter the way a tree grows forever.

We know how to cut, when to cut and why to cut in every scenario. 

Effective pruning requires the use of the right tools and sometimes can involve scaling to uncomfortable heights for most people. We are seasoned climbers and posses the correct tools and techniques to get the job done.

What kind of pruning techniques do you use?

Pruning is a technical craft and requires a mastery understanding of tree biology to perform correctly. We stay current on the latest ISA literature regarding techniques and methods to ensure we are doing the best job we possibly can. Here is what we do:

Cleaning is the removal of dead, dying, diseased or weakly attached branches from the crown of a tree.

Thinning involves selective branch removal to improve air circulation and light penetration through the crown. More specifically, thinning opens the tree up, reduces weight on the heavy limbs and helps retain the tree’s natural shape.

Raising removes the lower branches from a tree that may interfere with neighboring buildings, vehicles or people.

Reduction reduces the overall size of the tree without compromising structural integrity and form. Often this technique is used to avoid the more severe method of tree topping. Reduction helps keep trees away from hazardous utility lines.

When should I have my trees pruned?

Tree pruning is a year-round maintenance tree service. It’s important to prune your trees throughout the year to keep some structurally sound and attractive. We can remove dead, diseased, and broken limbs at any time of the year with no adverse effect on the tree itself. Some situations require immediate intervention such as trees encroaching on utility lines, structures and other parts of your landscape. If possible, do not let your trees reach this point, as the risk posed by storms and adverse weather dramatically increase the likely hood of tree-related damages.

What can I expect?

When Arbor Pros shows up on the job site, we have a plan laid out and are ready to go. Our initial free consult with you gives us all the information we need to assess a proper course of action. When we finish,  we leave the site clean and free of all removed tree foliage and debris.

If you aren’t satisfied with the job, we will stay until you are. 

Reasons to Prune
  • Shaping
  • Size Control
  • Branch Thinning
  • Eliminating hazardous branches
  • Better structure and wind resistance
Why Hire Arbor Pros?
  • ISA Certified Team
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Proper Equipment
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Free Onsite Estimate
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